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        Brand Strategy

        Brand Strategy Session

        What is it and why you need one?  

        Essentially it’s a comprehensive plan for your brand.  It’s a great option for any business owner who is need of a little creative direction!  After the session, you may choose to work with us further or simply take what you’ve learned and implement it yourself!  Having a creative strategy in place is super important!  Think about what it would be like to plan for a long trip without knowing where you are going? That’s what it’s like to run a business without any brand clarity (yikes!)  Being clear on your brand’s visuals and message will help you along your journey…

        As long time business owners ourselves, we know that you will never regret getting help with your business in areas you are uncomfortable with or just plained frustrated with!

        The Details –  We schedule a brand review & consultation that includes a branding worksheet (completed prior to the session), an hour long meeting (in person or via Skpe of FaceTime) where we dive deep in to your brands overall look and messaging.  After our session, we deliver a branding “mood board” that includes inspiration that will help you create a cohesive visual look that will appeal to your ideal client and help you to gain brand clarity.  This initial mood board includes font options, brand colors, and inspirational images.  This will be a great tool to always circle back to when working on any new marketing material in your business.

         $350 (Can be done in person or via Skype or FaceTime – We’re happy to work with you no matter where you are located!)