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        Content is Important

        As an entrepreneur, in today’s social media driven world, you know the importance of creating fresh content for your brand.  You also know that this content creation is crazy time consuming!  Coming up with new ideas, sourcing new items to photograph along with your products, locations, setting up a mini “photoshoot” and then taking the time to snap the images, whether with your phone or camera.  It’s work!!

        Personally, we feel that you absolutely need professional photos for your brand… and we’re not just saying that because professional photos are what we do best! 🙂

        Think of the last time you shopped for something online… maybe on Etsy, through searching Google, or on Instagram.  Which images were you drawn to most?  It was most likely the ones that maybe told a story, were properly lit and showcased a product in a way that “spoke to you”.  If you felt this way, as a consumer, then your potential clients / customers probably feel the same way.

        The way you present yourself, your services and your products is important and having professionally styled and photographed images, is key to separating yourself from the other brands who don’t bother to go that extra mile!

        Do you really need professional images for your brand?

        Yes… and no…

        We feel that professional images are totally necessary for all of your marketing materials such as your website, brochures & advertisements.  We do not feel that every image you post on social media needs to be a professional one.  Mixing professional images in to your feed is, however, a great idea!  Taking some images with your iPhone is actually a nice way to personally relate to your followers.  Social media is “social” and doesn’t have to be completely perfect & polished, and honestly, it’s probably best if it’s not.  Also feel free to mix in text graphics, such as inspirational quotes, your own artwork, etc., in order to further showcase your personality!   But, mixing in some awesome, fresh pro images is a fabulous way to remind followers of how legit & amazing your brand is!  Think about all of the big brands out there and how they present themselves to the world.

        We want to make it easier for solopreneurs, as well as larger brands, to have new, fresh content at their fingertips!  So, aside from offering one time visual content projects, we also now offer quarterly contracts at a bit of discounted rate per shoot.  This way you always have some professional images to mix in wherever you’d like, throughout the year.  This is perfect for keeping all marketing materials up to date, showcasing new products & services, content that changes with the seasons or holidays, and always having new images for all social media feeds!!

        Interested in transforming your content?  We are crazy passionate about making the world a more aesthetically pleasing place to live… one brand at a time!  We’d love to help and we’d love to hear from you!  Feel free to send us your questions & comments.